City of Angels School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  City of Angels Virtual Academy is a division of City of Angels School.


Individualized Curriculum:  Based on the independent study model as defined at the California Department of Education, students have ample opportunity for individualized/independent study instruction based on each student’s needs. COAVA teachers are trained specifically in meeting the needs of every student to help them attain content standards and meet state and federal benchmarks. No Child Left Behind is not only legislation to COAVA, but our educational philosophy and what guides our daily work.

High school Curriculum: This summer for the summer session, twelve semester classes will be offered including Algebra 1, Geometry, ninth-grade English, 10th-grade English, World History and U.S. History. Among those eligible include ninth-grade students who need to makeup Algebra I. This fall, the full A-G complement of courses will be offered that are typically offered to 9th and 10th grade students including English 9 and 10, Inter-coordinated Science and Biology, Algebra 1 and Geometry, PE, World History, Foreign Language, Visual and Performing Arts courses, and some electives.  Students will also be enrolled in an advisory/homeroom class. Courses continue to be in development and will also include honors and Advanced Placement options. There will also be some courses for advanced-level students (such as US History and others) as well as options/supports for English Learners and students with disabilities as is possible.

K-8 Curriculum:  K-8 Curriculum is in development. COAVA anticipates launching the middle school in either Fall, 2011 or Fall, 2012, and the elementary program to follow. Fall, 2010 will only include 9th and 10th grade students.