City of Angels School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  City of Angels Virtual Academy is a division of City of Angels School.

FAQ's ( Download file here)

Los Angeles Unified School District
City of Angels Virtual Academy (COAVA)
Online Concurrent Academy *
Spring 2012
Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many courses can a student take?

A student may take 1 COAVA concurrent course or five (5) credits per semester.

  •  What courses are offered in the COAVA Online Concurrent Academy?

Currently we offer the following courses:  English 9A/B, English 10A/B Algebra 1A/B, World History A/B, U.S. History A/B, Geometry A/B, Biology A/B, PE 1 A/B, PE 2 A/B, Health.

  •  Why does a student need an LAUSD email account?

All courses were created by the Office of Curriculum Instruction, Office of Educational Technology and City of Angels School and are accessed through Moodle, a web application for producing internet courses.  In order to access the classes from the LAUSD server, a student email account (mymail) is required.

  • How does a student receive an LAUSD email account?

Students must go to their school’s email sub-administrator to receive their an LAUSD student email account.  

  •  What if the student doesn’t know the name of their school’s email sub-administrator?

The student can see his/her counselor for the name and contact information of their sub-administrator.  If the school does not yet have a sub-administrator, a request can be requested by visiting

  •  What if a student doesn’t finish a class in the time offered?

Spring courses will be from February 21st through June 8th.  This will provide the student with 60 hours of instruction as well as time to complete homework and activities; therefore there will be no drops or “incompletes”.  All coursework will be graded, as it is completed, and a final grade will be issued at the conclusion of the semester.  Please plan on finishing the entire class.  Any partial or incomplete work could lead to a grade of “F” or Fail.

  • What if a student needs the course to graduate?

We do enroll potential graduates, however, please know that City of Angels Virtual Academy cannot guarantee a final mark will be sent to the school of residence prior to June 22, 2012.  Further, City of Angels Virtual Academy will neither send progress reports nor 15 week “fail” notices to schools.  Counselors are welcome to contact teachers for anecdotal status of a student’s progress, however, the only written documentation will be the final report card.  Graduating seniors will be expected to complete courses by June 1, 2012 in order for City of Angels to get final grades to schools in time for graduation.   Counselors:  Please treat these courses like concurrent community college and/or adult school courses.

  •  How do students receive book(s)?

Most online classes have a book imbedded.  The only classes we currently offer without an online book are English 9 and 10 courses and Health.  These courses require the Prentice Hall Literature book or the Holt textbook for Health.  It is the home schools’ responsibility to provide the student with a textbook. City of Angels is not responsible for providing the books for these classes. If your school does not have this textbook, you can call the Textbook Department for help with ordering them.  The Textbook Department number is 213-241-2733. 

Please reference ISBN numbers:  

  • Prentice Hall Literature – Gold ISBN  0-13-054805-7  copyright 2002 (California Edition)
  • Prentice Hall Literature – Platinum ISBN 0-13-054806-5 copyright 2002 (California Edition).  
  • Sexuality and Responsibility LifeTime Health , 2005, ISBN – 0-03-067107-8


  • What if students need help with their subject(s)?

Students can email their online teacher 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and he/she will return the email during the next school day.  If the question still isn’t answered, students can see a subject matter teacher at their school for face-to-face help.

  • Why do counselors need to sign applications?

Counselors always need to approve and sign for all courses taken whether they are courses at community college, adult school or online, to ensure students don’t repeat or take unnecessary classes.  No student will be enrolled online without counselor approval.   City of Angels Virtual Academy can’t be held responsible for a student taking an unnecessary course.

  • Can anyone enroll into a Physical Education Course?

No.  The physical education courses are for students who are missing credit and/or received a “D” or an “F” in the physical education course.  Students may not take online PE if they satisfied their PE requirement but failed the California Fitness Gram.
Note: students applying to enroll in PE must submit a current LAUSD transcript (SIS TR07).  PE applications without a transcript will not be enrolled.

  • Who can enroll in PE at COAVA Online Concurrent Academy?

Due to very limited space, PE at COAVA Online Concurrent Academy will be enrolled with the following priority:

  •  12th graders who need a PE class to graduate
  • 11th graders who need a PE class to graduate
  • 10th graders who cannot fit a PE class into their schedule
  • 9th graders who cannot fit a PE class into their schedule


  •  When is the deadline to enroll?

The deadline to submit applications is Tuesday, February 21st.  Please know that due to budget cuts space is very, very limited and applications will be taken on a first-come basis.  Please complete the Online Concurrent Enrollment Form and return to Susan Turner-McMullen by email ( by Tuesday, February 21st.

All students must be approved by their school counselor.  COAVA reserves the right to make exceptions as needed and approved by both the principal of COAVA and the home school.


* Online Concurrent Academy is only for LAUSD schools


Call Marie Muckenthaler (213.745.1102), Susan Turner McMullen (213.745.1112) or

Paul Guenthner (213.745.1114) with questions.