City of Angels School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  City of Angels Virtual Academy is a division of City of Angels School.


City of Angels Virtual Academy (COAVA) grew out of a District need for an online independent study program allowing students to continue their education outside the confines of a traditional, comprehensive high school. We pride ourselves in delivering instructional needs that will accommodate a variety of students, including teen mothers, working students, full-time caregivers, students with special medical needs, students with social and anxiety disorders, and those whose parents wished to educate their children at home.
There is not a typical COAVA student. 

Our students come from all over Los Angeles and from all walks of life.  We have actors, athletes, dancers and artists; many students are pursuing other interests, attending community college and traveling abroad.  With COAVA the possibilities are endless.

What we do know is that COAVA works for students who are serious about finishing high school in a timely manner.  Typically, COAVA students are hard-working, focused, and can set and maintain a daily routine which includes on-line work, reading and studying.  Our students are highly motivated, independent self-starters!

To apply for COAVA students must submit an application and attend an in-person orientation.  All applicants who submit all required documents and demonstrate the ability to complete courses independently in a virtual world will be accepted.  To complete the application packet please bring the following to the orientation:

  • Proof of Tdap immunization
  • Copies of all transcripts


If from outside of LAUSD, please bring:

  • Copies of all transcripts
  • Immunizations, including proof of Tdap immunization
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of living in LAUSD:  utility bill, government mail, rental agreement


Below are the relevant links to the application materials.  Please know that completion of the application materials does not guarantee enrollment; this only begins the process of determining if COAVA is an appropriate educational placement.  Please DO NOT check students out of their current schools until you have been notified that they are accepted.

Click on the following links to download enrollment related documents:

a) Application intro letter
b) LAUSD Enrollment Application
c) COAVA Enrollment Application
d) COAVA Enrollment Application - 'Fillable' form (pdf)
e) Supplemental Student Application - COAVA



Call to schedule an orientation today 213-745-1100!

The only WASC accredited on-line public school with face to face instruction!