The purpose of Independent Study is to provide the opportunity to design a program of study that is more responsive to the academic, personal and social needs and interests of individual students including students with disabilities. Independent Study may be used by all students who are motivated to achieve educationally. Do not PAR a student to City of Angels before they have been accepted.

We will request a PAR if the student is eligible for City of Angels.

For students to be successful at City of Angels, we have established eligibility requirements.

The follow minimum criteria for enrollment must be met to be eligible for COAS:

  • Reading Level (One of these four must be met)
    • CST -     25th percentile or above
    • STAR – Basic or above
    • Passing of the ELA California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)
    • City of Angels testing:  Gates MacGinitie: 
      • 7.0 grade level - 1st time 9th grade
      • 7.0 grade level - 9R and 10 grade
  • English Proficiency
    • Passed ESL 4
  • Attendance/Behavior/Motivation
    • Need for independent study
    • Ability and desire to work independently
    • Attendance history
    • Prior attendance at COAS (if applicable)
    • Incident Report
    • Expulsions and pending expulsion are ineligible for City of Angels


Special Education:

Any student enrolled in a District school or program is eligible to enroll in Independent Study if they meet admission criteria. This includes students with disabilities who would benefit from this voluntary alternative instructional strategy and who possess the skills to organize, self direct and complete instructional tasks with minimal direct supervision. (Download BUL-5412.0)