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Second Grade


Second Grade...

You will find your Essential Standards, Curriculum Maps, and Common Formative Assessments on this page.  The maps and assessments will be in Microsoft Word so that you can download it and make any changes you need.  If you do make changes, please send a copy to Mr. Johnston by email.  We will then update the website ASAP.

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Open Court Comprehension Data Sheet (Teacher)

Open Court Comprehension Data Sheet (2nd Grade)

Ms. Giesler

Ms. Maurer

Ms. Rowe

Ms. A. Lopez

Ms. Fernandez

Mr. Gregory

Ms. Angulo

Ms. McDaniel

Mr. Parra

Ms. Martinez

Ms. Becerra-Michel

Ms. Pajon-Williams

Ms. Rivero

Ms. Coronado

Mr. Baumann

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