Curricular Path
Artists have a responsibility to know about the world around them.
If a work of art is to have depth and resonance, it has to be about
something. Young artists must learn to work in various media, but
the education of artists is fundamentally about teaching them to see,
and a person who knows literature, history, geography, nature, and
mathematics sees differently than one who does not.
Ninth Grade
Tenth Grade
Eleventh Grade
Twelfth Grade
English 9AB*
English 10AB*

American Literature*/ Contemporary Comp.*

Senior English*
Algebra 1AB 1
Geometry AB
Algebra 2AB
Trigonometry*/ Math Analysis
World History AB*
U.S. History*
Government*/ Economics*
Biology AB*
Chemistry/Chemical Inquiry
Science or Other Elective
Physical Education
Physical Education
Art History/Life Skills/Health
Foreign Language 2
Foreign Language
Foreign Language or Other Elective
Drawing 1A/Digital Imaging-Design A
Sculpture 1A/ Photography 1A
Advanced Art Classes (one per semester) or Advanced Placement Studio Art (year long)

* Honors classes are available.

1 Students are placed in the math class for which they are qualified.

2 Students may begin foreign language in ninth grade if they agree to take physical education in summer school.

Course Offerings

Students are required to take a minimum of three classes within the magnet each semester, and one of these classes must be an art class. Classes not offered by the magnet program are provided by the comprehensive high school. As our program prepares students both for college and for careers in the visual arts, we encourage students to challenge themselves with a rigorous academic program.

Magnet students are required to take four one-semester foundation art classes in the ninth and tenth grade: ninth graders take drawing and digital imaging/design; tenth graders take sculpture and photography. These courses are prerequisites for the intermediate and advanced classes that are taken in eleventh and twelfth grade. These classes include Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Photography, Computer Graphics, and Advanced Placement (A.P.) Studio Art.

Ninth graders also take a yearlong course with three modules: Health, Life Skills and Art History.

Academic courses offered within the Magnet are:


English 9AB (honors available)
English 10AB (honors available)
English 11AB (American Literature and Contemporary Composition – honors
English 12AB (honors available)

Social Studies

World History AB (honors available)
U.S. History AB (honors available)
Government (honors available)
Economics (honors available)


Biology AB (honors available)

Course Descriptions
Art Foundation Program
Drawing — This course gives students an experience with the basic art materials and techniques needed to develop skills in drawing. Areas of emphasis include ink, pastel, perspective, and pointillism. This course also provides the opportunity to develop individual expression and style through drawing.
Sculpture — This course explores three-dimensional design and sculptural techniques. Students will gain hands-on experience in a variety of media, including clay, wire, metal, plaster, fabric, and papier-mâché.
Digital Imaging — Instruction begins with an introduction to the Macintosh computer interface. Students use AppleWorks for digital painting, drawing, and word processing. The elements and principles of design are introduced, as well as Adobe PhotoShop software. The lab is equipped with new G4 Macintosh computers.
Photography — This course begins with basic concepts and progresses towards a full understanding of the camera. Practical, working knowledge of film processing and darkroom procedures are explained. In addition, emphasis will be placed on individual creative development, encouraging students to express their unique and personal ideas.
Intermediate and Advanced Art Classes
The following courses are offered for one or two semesters. An asterisk (*) indicates that advanced coursework for an additional year is offered with approval of the teacher and counselor.
Ceramics* — Students are introduced to clay as a creative and functional art medium. Forming, glazing, and firing procedures are covered. Students concentrate both on hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques.
Digital Imaging B* — Students begin with image processing, using Adobe PhotoShop software. Topics include adjusting photos, retouching, collage, and layout. Students will also become familiar with other software, such as Apple’s i-Movie, which performs basic video editing. Students will begin to design a web page using graphic design principles.
Drawing* — In this class, students apply basic drawing skills to intermediate and advanced drawing projects. Additional emphasis is placed on expression of emotion and opinion through art.
Painting* — This course covers the basic use of color and brush technique. Students learn about various painting methods used throughout history. They also have the opportunity to develop and use their own style in the creation of original artwork.
Photography* — Advanced skills and techniques are the focus of this course. The students will learn portrait lighting, solarization, double exposure and the Kodalith process. They continue to work on projects expressing their own individual vision.
Advanced Placement (A.P.) Studio Art — A one-year class for seniors only. This course enables a student to create a substantial portfolio of work and, after evaluation by the College Board, possibly receive college credit. A.P. Studio Art is available in the three portfolio areas offered by the College Board.
Fairfax High School
Academic and Physical Educational Offerings
Annual Algebra lAB
Algebra 1AB
Geometry AB
Algebra 2AB
Advanced Placement Calculus
Foreign Language
French 1,2,3
Spanish 1,2,3
Spanish for Native Speakers 1,2
Advanced Placement Spanish Language
Advanced Placement Spanish Literature
Korean 1,2,3
Advanced Placement Biology
Advanced Placement Chemistry
Chemical Inquiry
Marine Biology
Advanced Placement Physics
Physical Education
Regular P.E.
After School Dance

Sports – Boys
Football (Fall)
Basketball (Fall)
Soccer (Fall)
Cross Country (Fall)
Golf (Fall)
Baseball (Spring)
Tennis (Spring)
Track (Spring)
Tennis (Spring)
Volleyball (Spring)
Sports – Girls
Basketball (Fall)
Tennis (Fall)
Volleyball (Fall)
Soccer (Fall)
Cross Country (Fall)
Softball (Spring)
Track (Spring)
Golf (Spring)

English/Social Studies
Play Production
A.P. English Language/Composition
A.P. English Literature
African-American Literature
Latin American Studies

Calendar of events in 2nd Semester