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For Kids

spider in web Faux Paws Fun Zone

From iSafeKids, fun activities and an excellent video on Internet Safety (aimed at younger children).  This site also has coloring pages for younger students.

spider in web Surf Swell Island from Disney

Join your Disney pals on Surf Swell Island and learn how to be safer online. Aimed at younger students.

spider in web Online Safety Quiz from

Take this quiz to see how safe you are on the Internet.

spider in webCyber Netiquette Comix

Learn about netiquette and Internet safety with these interactive comics featuring storybook characters from Disney UK. Aimed at younger students.

spider in web ID the Creep

This site is designed to teach you how to figure out who is a "creep" on the web.  Play this interactive game in English or Spanish.  This site is geared towards girls/preteens/teens but applies to all kids and teens.

spider in web NetSmartzKids

Videos, songs and games all to get you to "Use Your Net Smartz".  Chatroom lessons, lessons on how to make a good password, virus safety and more.  A very fun and entertaining site but sometimes slow to load.

spider in web Safe Surfing with Doug

Doug and his pals from Disney teach you all about how to surf the web safely.  Great netiquette tips too.

spider in web Bizzikid's Online Safety Guide

Become an Internet safety expert with these activities (older students).  Quite lengthy but an excellent site--you may need to set aside some time for this one.

spider in webWebWiseKids-Katie's Story

See video on Katie's Story (older students). Very compelling true story told by Katie herself.

spider in web Don't Let the Web Catch You

A website created by two students, Kasey Joseph and Amanda Neville.  Great safety tips from students just like you!  Also has a really good glossary of computer terms and a section on viruses.

spider in web Safety Land by AT&T

Answer Internet safety questions to help the superhero capture the Internet villain.  Complete all the tasks and you can even print out a Hero certificate.

spider in web SafeKids Song: Lyrics and Song

Good safety tips in a song.

spider in web Rules for Online Safety from

Read and follow these family rules for web safety.

spider in web Surftificate from

Make your own Safe Surfing certificate, print it and hang it by your computer to remind you to Surf Safely.



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For Parents and Teachers

Kids today are children of the digital age!  But there are dangers inherent to the Internet, and we need to keep our children as safe as possible.  We, as parents and educators, need to know what children are doing and where they are going on the Internet, as well as educate them on the safe use of the web.  Check out my Parents Guide to Internet Safety : English Spanish Korean. The list of resources below is by no means comprehensive, but it is meant to give you some general information about the dangers of the web and how to keep your child safe. Scroll down for Spanish and Korean language websites. Click here for a link to reviews of the top web filtering and tracking software.

spider in

Great resources for parents and kids. Wonderful videos and tutorials in the parents section.

spider in web Online Safety Guide for Parents

Good basic information for parents interested in learning more about online safety.

spider in webWebWiseKids

Excellent resources for parents and teens but the site is a bit complicated to navigate. Worth the effort though--very compelling videos plus safety games that can be downloaded or ordered on disc.

spider in web Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Excellent guide for parents, very comprehensive.  Safety tips for online marketing, chat rooms and more.

spider in web Wired

A good site for kids, teens, parents and educators.  Information on the dangers of the web, cyber-bullying, how to keep children safe, and great guidelines for computer use in the home.

spider in web

A great resource for learning more about Internet Safety for your family.  There is also a very useful -Family Contract For Online Safety to fill out with your children.

spider in web Keeping Kids Safe Online: Tips & Tools for Parents

From the University of Oklahoma Police Department, this site has no-nonsense information, tools and tips for parents for monitoring their child's use of the Internet and how to keep them safe from online predators and other dangers.

spider in web Parents Guide to the Internet from the U.S. Department of Education

Very comprehensive site with help for non-computer users, a glossary of terms, and tips for online safety.

spider in

Because kids and teens seek out social networking now more than ever before, this is a safe social networking site for kids and teens. They go above and beyond to protect the privacy of your children by carefully screening members and verifying age. Parental consent is required for an account. They also pay for identity verification and sex offender resistry checks on the parents of each new member.

spider in web Internet Content Rating Association

Find out about website ratings and how to find appropriate content for your children.

spider in web Surfing the Net with Kids

This is a great site with reviews and links to family-friendly and educational websites on a variety of topics.

spider in web Seguridad para Niños

La familia de compañías SBC tiene como objetivo informarte sobre algunos de los temas más comunes en materia de seguridad, privacidad, y protección en Internet a través de sus Conexiones Seguras a Internet.

spider in web Korean Internet Safety Websites

A Korean language website on keeping your children safe on the Internet.

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