Student Health Policy


New students will not be admitted to school unless a written immunization record provided by a physician or the health department is presented at the time of enrollment and immunizations are up to date. Students who require additional vaccine doses or who lack a written record are no longer allowed a grace period. All students new to the District or transferred students within the District must show that they have received all currently required immunizations in order to be enrolled. The immunization status of all students will be reviewed periodically. Those students who do not meet the stated guidelines must be excluded from school until the requirements are met. Students who have been exposed to a communicable disease for which they have not been immunized must be excluded form school at the discretion of the health department.


All new students entering grades 6-12 have never previously attended any school in California, must present documentation of the results of a Mantoux test done at some previous time. Students entering grades 6-12 from any other California school (public, private or parochial) are exempt from the requirement.


A student who needs to take medication during school hours must have a statement to this effect on file at the school, signed by the prescribing physician and the parent/guardian. The required forms are available form the school nurse or administrator. School health personnel do not prescribe or give advice regarding medication or other care beyond first aid.

Physical Examinations

Students enrolling for the first time in LAUSD secondary schools are encouraged to provide the school with a report of a recent physical examination. Forms for this purpose may be obtained from the school nurse. Physical examinations are required for Special Education programs may be done by licensed physicians. If parents/guardians do not wish to have their child examined at school, they must file an annual written statement to that effect with the administrator. Screening of vision and hearing will be done in accordance with State guidelines. All girls in grade 7 and boys in grade 8 will be screened for possible scoliosis (curvature of the spine). Parents/guardians will be notified of any findings in these mandated screening tests that require further attention.


Communicable disease inspections will be conducted periodically. A student suspected of having a communicable disease will be excluded from school until guidelines for readmission are met. An effort will be made to notify parents/guardians of a student for who chickenpox presents a particular hazard should contact the school nurse to facilitate notification. Students at risk include those with deficient immune systems and those receiving certain drugs for the treatment of leukemia or organ transplants. A student returning to school with sutures, casts, crutches, brace(s), or a wheelchair must have a physician's written permission to attend school and must comply with any safety procedures required by the school administration and Health Services personnel. A student returning to school following a serious or prolonged illness, injury, surgery, or other hospitalization, must have written permission by the health care provider to attend school, including any recommendations regarding physical activity. A parent's written request for an excuse from participation in physical education will be accepted for up to 5 days; thereafter, a written request is needed from the student's health care provider. Requests for exemption beyond 5 days are referred to the school nurse. A current District Emergency Information card must be on file at the school so that parents/guardians can be notified promptly in case of accident or illness involving their child. School health personnel are available for consultation.

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