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Concern: Contact (310) 917-4800

Classroom Information

  • Teacher Contact
  • Assignments
  • Grades
  • Behavior

Main Office

Attendence Concerns

  • Coordinator of Counseling
  • Class Placement/Changes
  • Calendar of Events
  • Parents Groups
    • PTSA
    • P.R.I.D.E.
Ms. Fari Yashar- Assistant Principal SCS
Mr. Brett Shibata - 6th Grade Counselor
Ms. Cathy Kellogg - 7th Grade Counselor
Ms. Natalie Brooks - 8th Grade Counselor

Student Services/Discipline

  • Federal Meal Program/Cafeteria
  • Campus Security
  • Health
  • Discipline/Supervisor
Mr. Haker- Assistant Principal
Ms. Patty Ichimura - School Nurse
Ms Christopher- Discipline Dean

Instructional Services

  • Special Education Program
  • Bilingual/ESL Program
  • Testing/Scores
  • Student Concerns
  • Professional Development
  • Revere Rider News

Mr. Meritt- Assistant Principal

Mr. Stapleton - Assistant Principal

Magnet Concerns

  • Applications
  • Transportation
  • General Magnet Information
Ms. Angel Honda- Magnet Coordinator
Ms. Dora Mendez - Magnet Secretary

Homework Requests

  • Requests for longer term absence
Ms. Lorraine Ecung - Counseling Center Secretary


Everything in the World and appeals on all of the above Mr. Art Copper - Principal

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Paul Revere Charter Middle School

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