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Enhancing Education through Technology Grant (EETT)


Please read before you use these Educational Websites

The following list of educational websites has been compiled for your use in planning standards-based lessons that integrate technology.   They have been set up as links, so that as long as you are online when using this document, you can put your cursor on the link and it will connect you to the site.

Even though these sites have been reviewed and annotated, you should always preview any site before sending your students to it to be sure it has the content you are looking for.

Students should not be encouraged to use general search engines such as Google, Ask Jeeves, or AltaVista for academic purposes, as many of these list sites based on wording or popularity, not on the relevance or accuracy of the information on the site. However, if students do use a general search engine, they should use the advanced search feature or Boolean operators to define and restrict their searches.

The links above will direct you to all the IMaST Grant Resources. These resources will assist you with the integration of technology with your math and science classrooms. There are lessons, correlations to periodic assessments, teacher guides and much more.

Many educators have collaborated on these resources to assist you with the implementation of the IMaST Grant. If you need assistance with any of the grant resource, please ask your onsite coach or triad. You may also contact us from the “Personnel” page for additional assistance.

The IMaST program provides links of both free and fee-based resources for middle school (6-8) Math teachers.

To access resources, click the appropriate Math link and then choose a category of web links.

LAUSD Instructional guides, a link to the LAUSD Mathematics and Science Pages and a list of general resources are also provided.

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