Match the name of each Bot to the correct description of what they do or who they are.


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Match the items by changing the letters in the pull down to match the correct description for each of the Bots.
    1.LIAM     a.She is the youngest of all the Bots. The other Bots don't always understand her.
    2.ANA     b.He is an exersize and nutrition enthusiast. He will help you stay fit.
    3.UPA     c.He is the oldest of all the Bots. He loves history and social sciences.
    4.SAM     d.Loves communication. She specializes in Language Arts and Literature.
    5.DELTA     e.The two subjects he loves the most are Math and Science.
    6.NAMU     f.He works with podcasts, video, photographs, music and the arts. He would love to be an actor or a rock star someday.
    7.EVA     g.She has built in GPS systems. She loves to travel, use maps and study geopgraphy.
    8.TAI     h.Loves to explore and go on new adventures. He is the leader of the bots.

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