Meet The Bots Tack

The LAUSDnet Kids' Bots are a family of Robots.

As with humans, each Bot has special talents and interests. They are here to help you learn.

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LIAM- Lead Investigation Assistance Module Tack

LIAM - Lead Investigation Assistance Module

He loves to explore and go on new adventures. He is the leader of the Bots. He keeps the family together.


ANA - Advanced Notification Actuator

ANA loves communication: Email, group work, webpages, and blogs. She specializes in Language Arts and Literature. You will always find ANA exploring the web looking for great books and stories.

ANA - Advanced Notification Actuato
UPA- Uniform Processes Android Tack

UPA- Uniform Processes Android

UPA teaches about getting the information right - use of resources and knowing what is “true” on the Internet.
Oldest of all the Bots - helps the “family” explore all the different ways to learning.

He loves History and Social Sciences. UPA encourages students to learn from many different resources - teachers, other adults, books and even each other.

Sam - Sensory Acquisition ModuleSAM - Sensory Acquisition Module

SAM’s job is to work with communication media - PodCasts, Video, Photographs, Music, the Arts, etc. SAM would love to be an actor someday or even a Rock Star!

SAM loves all of the new Web 2.0 technology. He can usually be found with a digital video camera and his mp3 player.

Delta - Dynamic Electro-Linear Theorem Articulator

TackDELTA - Dynamic Electro-Linear Theorem Articulator
Her sole purpose is to ask “WHY” (or Who, or What or When - even How!)

DELTA is the youngest of all the Bots. Sometimes the others don't understand her enthusiasm or her constant curiosity. She knows you will understand. She loves to play with RAU.

TackTheir Friends...

NAMU - Numeric Access Mobile Unit
Math and science are the two subjects NAMU loves best. NAMU loves to share his work in the math and science sections of LAUSDnet Kids.

He loves to conduct experiments. He has an analysis unit built into his body.

Namu - Numeric Access Mobile Unit
Eva Eco-Venture Automaton

TackEVA - Eco-Venture Automaton

EVA is a wiz with maps, geography and ecology.

She’s all about “the Earth” and protecting it.

EVA has built-in GPS systems. She always knows where she is.

TackTAI - Tactical Access Interface
Fascinated with human nutrition and physical fitness
A good health and exercise enthusiast, TAI always wants to improve and keep fit.

TAI - Tactical Access Interface
REMUS -Reading Enhancement Mudular Utility System

REMUS - Reading Enhancement Modular Utility System

REMUS is a librarian. He loves to read and share books with everyone. REMUS is so involved with his work that he sometimes forgets to put his books away when he is through using them. RAU helps him out.

TackRAU - Resource Assistance Unit

RAU works with REMUS as his assistant. He loves the library. He and DELTA are friends. They are the youngest of all the BOTS. RAU is serious about his work and about the Library. He is constantly picking up after REMTackUS.

RAU - Resource Assistance Unit
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