Where the President Works

The Oval Office

The Oval Office

The Oval Office - The White House Museum

The Oval Office in 3D (Rendered in Google SketchUp)

Historical Photos of the Oval Office

Activity: Design Your Own Office

Did you know?

The desk that the President works at is known as the Resolute Desk. It was made from the timbers of the HMS Resolute. HMS Resolute was on an expedition to the Artic. The ship became trapped in the ice. Ultimately the captain ordered that the crew abandon ship and return to England in 1854. More than a year later an American whaling ship discovered the Resolute. She was repaired and returned to England. Queen Victoria had two desks made out the English Oak Timbers of the ship when she was retired in 1880. One desk was presented to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880. The other desk is in Buckingham Palace.

Each President may redecorate and furnish the Oval Office to suit his (or her) taste. The Artwork on display in the office comes from the White House Collection or from local museums.

Floor Plans

Floor Plan of the White House (First Floor)

Floor Plan of the White House (Second Floor - The Family Residence)

Floor Plan of the West Wing

History of the White House

About the White House

The White House Rooms

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