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TackThe President's Plane

When the President travels, he takes his "office" with him. It is one of the most recognized symbols of the American Presidency. The plane he travels in is known as Air Force One. Technically it isn't really the plane's name, it is a radio call sign for the plane that carries the President. If the plane is owned by the Army it is "Army One." Any Navy Plane the President flys in is known as Navy One. The Helicopter he flies in is known as Marine One.

Fact Sheets on VC-25 - Air Force One

Floor Plan of Air Force One

Inside Air Force One

Air Force One: The Graphic History

Watch the Video of the new pilot of Air Force One as he takes command and flys then President-Elect Obama to his innauguration.

Watch the video of the secret mission Air Force One flew to take President Bush to Iraq to visit the troops and see how they made the President "disappear" for 48 hours.

Watch the video to see the meals they serve aboard Air Force One.



Make your own paper airplane. Use your imagination, how would your "Air Force One " be colored?

Air Force One paper model

Air Force One paper airplane.

You have just been elected President of the United States, describe what it would be like to fly on Air Force One. Where in the world would you travel and why? Air Force One Activity Sheet

Visit the Reagan Library in Simi Valley and tour Air Force One.

Air Force One - Reagan Library

Click here to see where the President works - The Oval Office, West Wing, The White House.

TackDid you know?

The name of the plane changes as soon as the President steps aboard. It can be Air Force One, Navy One or Army One. The helicopter is known as Marine One (Do you know why?).

The Flying Oval Office has over 4,000 square feet (Read more about it here)

There are actually two planes that regularly carry the President. (VC-25A - with tail numbers 28000 and 29000)

Both planes always travel with the President where ever he goes. The Back-Up plane is there just incase it is needed.

Security is a primary concern. Everything from fuel, baggage, food and personnel are screened by security before it or they are allowed on the plane.

Air Force One always lands "HEAVY." (With a extra fuel - just incase something happens and the President needs to be back in the air immediately.

President's Limosine

"Cadillac One" - The President's Limosine

Cadillac One - Reagan Library

President's Helicopter - Marine One

On board Marine One

Watch Video - Learn about the Fleet of Helicopters known as Marine One

Watch Video - More about Marine One

Marine One

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