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Coloring Sheets:

ANA Remembers the Rules for E-Mail Safety
ANA and RAU - Internet Safety
How to Protect Yourself from Cyber-Bullies

Dealing with Bullies

Safety On-Line and Off-Line


STUDENTS AGAINST DISTRUCTIVE DECISIONS (SADD) (Started as Students Against Drunk Driving)

Bicycle and other Wheel Sport Safety
Riding Right -
Bikes & Wheel Sport Safety Kids Page
Bike Safety Cartoon *Children's Hospital of Pittsburg

Car Safety
  • Always wear your safety belt. Make sure everyone in the car has their safety belt on.
  • If you have smaller members of your family, make sure they are in a car seat or proper booster seat.
  • Kids 12 years and under need to ride in the back seat
  • Don't play in the car.
  • The driver should not use a cell phone without a hands free device. They should NEVER text message while driving
  • Never leave children in a parked car. Heat in a parked car is very dangerous.

Bus Safety

School Bus Safety (

School Bus Safety Web (Website created by Pupil Transportation North Carolina)

Home Safety - Are you ready to be a Safety Ranger?


Playing in the heat and sun -

  • Drink lots of water. (Even if you aren't thrirsty)
  • Play or exercise in the shade
  • Take lots of breaks to cool down
  • Wear cool and light colored clothing
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses
  • Use sunscreen - always.
  • If you feel hot, tired or dizzy or if your head or stomach hurt - get out of the sun and tell an adult right away.
SunWise Kids
Sun Safety Quiz *Children's Hospital of Pittsburg

Water Safety
  • Take Swimming Lessons.
  • Never swim alone- swim with a buddy and make sure an adult is watching.
  • Swim only in safe and guarded areas
  • Know how deep the water is.
  • Don't jump in or dive into water that isn't at least 12 feet deep.
  • Don't run aound pools or push people. Don't dunk other swimmers
  • Read and obey all the rules and posted signs
  • Be careful swimming in the ocean, the waves can knock you down or take you down the beach.
  • Never swim in a storm or when there is lightening
  • Never leave pool toys in the pool when you are done swimming - they may be an attraction to younger children.
  • NEVER leave children unattended at a pool

Bobber the Water Safety Dog

Water Safety Tips - American Red Cross

Water Safety Quiz - *Children's Hospital of Pittsburg

Internet Safety Video
Think Before You Post

For your Parents
Child Passenger Safety
What Adults can do to Stop Cyber Bullying Website dedicated to helping you create a safer home.

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