Magnet Program
A voluntary integration opportunity by means of application is available to all student residents of LAUSD in all geographic areas where the instructional specialty and the learning activities differ. Magnet selection is made by Student Integration Services through a computer priority point system which is based upon the court-ordered reduction of the harms of racial isolation. Transportation may be provided if the travel distance is more than a two-mile radius for Elementary applicants (K-5) or a three mile radius for Secondary applicants (6-12). Further information in English and in Spanish may be found at <>.

Choices Brochure
Is now Online at, (213) 241-4177
Parents may also obtain the Choices brochure containing instructions, the application, and the list of participating schools by October 8 at the local neighborhood schools, Local District Offices, and Los Angeles County Public Libraries. The brochure may be picked up in person during the application period at the Student Integration Services, (213) 241-4177.

Transportation Services Division, (323) 342-1340
Student Integration Services, (213) 241-4177

Interested applicants to the
Gifted/High Ability or Highly Gifted Magnet Centers
may refer to page 8 of the brochure
for criteria and verification responsibility.
Click here to view the Online Brochure:

The brochure
is offered in

Applications must
be post-marked
by the November
15, 2013 deadline
(Page 19 of the brochure).

If you hand-deliver an application, it must be in the Magnet Office by 5:00 p.m. by the November 15, 2013 deadline.
Application Process
One "on time" application is processed for selection. Parents are notified by mail by the Student Integration Services. Apply within the time frame and consult with the teaching staff to make sure the student meets the qualifying criteria in order to avoid removal of the application.

Late Applications
Late applications are placed on a wait list (no parent notification follows); verification is done by the receiving school and takes place at the time that a space becomes available. There are no wait list points on late applications. For openings and/or deadlines, call the Student Integration Services, (213) 241-4177. 

Applicants may apply on-line
beginning October 1, 2013 -- November 15, 2013
through the E-Choices: Magnet Programs
by clicking on the link:

For assistance,
call the Student Integration
(213) 241-4177

Parents need to enter all information required on the Online Application.
Apply as follows:
  • Click on the link above.
  • Answer the School Enrollment question.
  • Click on Create New Application.
  • Enter information required.
  • Read Terms and Conditions and check the Agreement Box.
  • Type the number showing on the Green Box and Review Entered Information.
  • Click the Submit Application button.
  • Check your e-mail for the Confirmation Number. You will need it in case you may wish to revise or correct the Online Application.
Changes or corrections to the Online Application may be made before the November 15, 2013 deadline.

Verification Process--Parents should refer to page 8 of the brochure for proper criteria information and confirm with the school of attendance that student meets the qualifying criteria.

LAUSD students:

Are automatically verified through LAUSD school records and do not need to submit the verification form.

Resident applicants
not enrolled in LAUSD:
The following parent responsibilities must be accomplished during the application period and prior to the November 15, 2013 deadline.

Parent Responsibility--It is the responsibility of the parent of resident applicants who are attending private schools or Independent Charter schools and are selecting a Gifted/High Ability Magnet Center to obtain the brochure, refer to page 8, and follow the instructions which are as follows:

Parents have the "Option"
beginning October 1, 2013 -- November 15, 2013, to either:

( 1 )
Download the current 2014-2015 verification form, through
eChoices (before the November
15th, 5:00 p.m. deadline)
Click here to print the verification form (before the November 15th, 5:00 p.m. deadline)

The verification form is required for On-time applicants only.
(a) Confirm with your child's current school of attendance that your child meets the criteria for a Gifted/High Ability Magnet before submitting an application and

(b) Give the child’s current school permission to release the required information.

(c) Complete all necessary items and prevent delays. Processing is dependent upon signature of parent authorization and accurate and complete information.

(d) Enter complete name of Magnet choice.

(e) Sign and date the verification form. And

(f) Mail the completed "verification form" to the principal of the child’s current school of attendance to be signed and completed prior to the deadline date (make sure to include page 2).

( 2 )
Make sure the following are
accomplished before the
The Verification Form is required ONLY if:
(a) applying to the Gifted/High Ability Magnet Centers.

(b) applicants are attending private OR independent charter schools.
The current school principal:
(a) Completes all necessary items on the "verification form."

(b) Submits copies of test scores (if applicable) and signs it.

(c) Returns page 1 ONLY (by the
November 15th deadline) in an
official school envelope to:
Gifted/Talented Programs
333 S. Beaudry Ave., 25th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017

The verification form may be mailed
or hand-carried with the envelope sealed
and with principal’s signature across the sealed side.
( 3 )
Mail the
application in
the envelope provided.

If applying On-line, verify that all information is correct and click on the "Submit" button.
Make sure to obtain a confirmation number. For assistance, call (213) 241-4177, the office that receives and processes your application.

(4 )
Confirm the receipt of the verification form with the Gifted/Talented Programs Office prior to the deadline of 11/15/2013 at 5:00 p.m. Central offices do not follow-up.

Gifted/High Ability Magnet Centers 
Gifted/Talented Programs, (213) 241-6500.
Offering self-contained classes and placing emphasis on developing higher-level thinking skills in a demanding academic program for students entering Grades 1-12. Special criteria are required and must be on file prior to the November 15th deadline.

Criteria--Criterion has been updated to include the California Standards Test revised scaled scores. Student eligibility must be verified by the teaching staff at the school of attendance as meeting one of the following three criteria:

Demonstrate ability in all four critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in their primary language.
  • Explain meanings or relationships among facts, information, or concepts that demonstrate depth and complexity.
  • Formulate new ideas or solutions and elaborate on the information.
  • Use alternative methods in approaching new or unfamiliar mathematical problems.
  • Use extensive vocabulary easily and accurately to express creative ideas.

--Percentile scores of 85 or above in both total reading and total mathematics on standardized norm-reference tests;

--Scaled scores on the California Standards Test (CST) as follows:

  • A scaled score of 450 or above in English-Language Arts, grades 2-11 and
  • A scaled score of 455 or above in mathematics, grades 2-7 or
  • A scaled score of 455 or above for grades 8 and above in one of the following math content courses: Algebra I or II; Geometry; Integrated Math I, II or III; High School Summative Math.

Identification as gifted in any of the academic categories by a LAUSD school psychologist.

Highly Gifted Magnet Centers 
Gifted/Talented Programs, (213) 241-6500.
Offering self-contained classes and placing emphasis on developing higher-level thinking skills in a demanding academic program for students entering Grades 1-12. Eligibility score must be on file prior to the November 15th deadline.

Criteria-- A score of 99.9% on an intelligence test administered by LAUSD Psychological Services needs to be on file prior to the November 13th application deadline. Test results from other school districts are evaluated. Private assessment is not accepted.

The "highly gifted centers" accept indentified "Gifted" students with a score of 99.5% and above on an intelligence assessment administered by LAUSD. Priority will be given to identified "highly gifted" students.

Gifted/High Ability Magnet Centers--requiring criteria are as follows:

Please note the school's Code Number on the Brochure and grades being offered by each school.
(Grades 1-5)
74th St. (323) 753-2338, Ambler (310) 532-4090, Balboa (818)349-4801, Baldwin Hills (323) 937-7223, Braddock--Gr. 2-5 (310) 391-6707, Canterbury (818) 892-1104, Commonwealth Arts/Tech.--Gr. 2-5 (213) 384-2546,Cowan Int Humanities--Gr. 3-6 (310) 645-1973, Eagle Rock--Gr. 2-6 (323) 254-6851, Euclid--Bilingual: Spanish/English (323) 263-6792, Harbor Math/Science at Park Western (310) 833-3591, Kester (818) 787-6751, Multnomah Highly Gifted/Gifed High Ability--Gr. 2-5 (323) 225-6005, Russell--Gr. 2-6 (323) 582-7247, Sunland--Gr. 2-5 (818) 353-1631, Vena--Gr. 2-5 (818) 896-9551, Welby Way (818) 348-1975, Wonderland--Gr. 2-5 (323) 654-4401.

MIDDLE SCHOOLS--(Grades 6-8) Adams (213) 745-3700, Audubon (323) 290-6300, Burroughs (323) 549-5000, Dodson (310) 241-1900, Drew--Gr. 7-8 (323) 826-1700, El Sereno (323) 224-4700, King Gifted/Technology/Arts (323) 644-6700, Lawrence (818) 678-7924, Mount Gleason (818) 951-2580, Palms (310) 253-7600, Porter (818) 920-2050, Sepulveda (818) 920-2848, Stevenson (323) 780-6400.

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS--(Grades 9-12) Bell (323) 832-4700, Eagle Rock High School--Gr. 7-11 (323) 340-3500, Marshall (323) 671-1400, Westchester Aviation/Aerospace Science/Gifted High Ability (310) 338-2400.

Highly Gifted Magnet centers--requiring a result of 99.9% on an intelligence assessment administered by LAUSD Psychological Services are as follows:

Please note the school's Code Number on the Brochure and grades being offered by each school.

(Grades are as follows):
Eagle Rock Highly Gifted--Gr. 3-6 (323) 254-5851, Multnomah Highly Gifted/Gifed High Ability--Gr. 2-5 (323) 225-6005, San Jose Highly Gifted--Gr. 2-5 (818) 365-3218.


Portola Highly Gifted--Gr. 6-8 (818) 654-3300.

North Hollywood Highly Gifted--Grades 9-12 (818) 753-6200.

On-line Guide: E-CHOICES
For Open-House
please contact
the school
The Application serves more than one program. Make sure to select one program only. Click here for a guide through E-Choices: Magnet Programs

More Options:

  • There are regular magnet centers where GATE identification or verification of eligibility is not a requirement and offer an accelerated and demanding course of study. All participating schools are listed in the Choices brochure.
  • All high schools offer an Honors program or Advanced Placement courses, which are college-level classes and are available to all highly able learners at all high schools and selected middle schools. Consult with the counseling staff at your local high school to obtain the best placement for your child.
  • Also available are the Schools for Advanced Studies program described in this section.

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