Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Facilitator's Materials 01: Facilitator's Guide + Overview
Facilitator's Materials (Zip File)
Agenda PDF Word
Facilitator's Materials 02: Adult task Proof by Induction Method 1, Method 2
Participant's Materials (Zip File)
Awesome Amanda
Facilitator's Materials: Unit 1 Powerpoint (zipped file with embedded movies)

Products from the 8.20.08 Facilitator's Training Proofs etc.

The Chocolate Factory (New Version) PDF Word
Awesome Amanda Angle Sheets
Extension Task
Awesome Amanda PD Files
Main Handout: Participant Handout (PDF)
Extension Task (Answers)
Awesome Amanda Vocabulary Acitivities
Handout 01: CST Blueprint
Instructional Stategy Debrief Chart
Awesome Amanda Word Docs
Handout 02: Concept Organizer
Debrief Questions
Handout 03: Triangle Cards
Academic Vocabulary Activity
Handout 04: Concept Task
Handout 05: TTLP
Student Misconceptions
Student Misconceptions Grid
Word document file versions (zipped folder)
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Powerpoint Timer