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Parent Teacher Associations (PTA’s) , Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO’s),



PTAs, approved parent groups (PTOs), and booster clubs are all

organizations that are separate legal entities from the District. Prior to any  involvement with one of these organizations, the school must ensure that the organization has provided the school with appropriate

documentation showing independent legal status (for example, nonprofit or 501 (c) (3) status). A copy of bylaws is not sufficient. In addition, these organizations must carry separate insurance.



There can be only one organization in a school cooperating with the student body on fund-raising activities – either the school PTA or Approved Parent Group (PTO). A cooperative activity is one in which the students participate with the PTA or approved parent group (PTO) in a fund-raiser through joint planning and implementation of the event and/or the sharing of proceeds.


Contributions and participation by students and employees in a

fundraising activity must be entirely voluntary.



In addition to the PTA or Approved Parent Group (PTO), a school may have a Booster Club. A Booster Club is considered to be a separate entity from the school. The procedures for a Booster Club are as follows:


A. Booster Clubs must be properly organized under the laws of the state, county, and city. They must raise funds independent of the student body, just as a Kiwanis Club, Chamber of Commerce or other

professional organizations raise funds.


B. Booster Club fund-raising activities including the actual sale of items, shall not take place on school grounds during the school day.


C. Booster Clubs wishing to use District facilities should call the Real

Estate Office.


D. Student bodies may not participate in fund-raising activities with

Booster Clubs.


E. Individual students or staff may volunteer to assist a Booster Club in its activities, providing that this assistance is given during non-instructional time and is not linked to course credit or grades.


Click here to download a Booster Club Sample License Agreement


Click here to download a Booster Club Sample of Articles of Incorporation


Click here to download Booster Club Sample Bylaws



Insurance Requirements

PTA, Approved Parent Groups (PTOs), and Booster Clubs are all

organizations that are separate legal entities from the District. Therefore, these organizations are required to provide separate insurance with the appropriate limits to operate their organization.


Since the minimum insurance limits required by the District may be changed or certain types of events may require higher limits due to increased risk and hazard, you may obtain the insurance requirements from the Division of Risk Management and Insurance Services.


Each organization must meet the insurance limits required by the District. Moreover, the organization must include the Los Angeles Unified School District and its Board Members as additional insured. Division of Risk Management and Insurance Services suggests

contacting a commercial insurance agent for insurance information.


For questions on insurance, please call the Division of Risk Management and Insurance Services at (213) 241-3987.



District-wide charitable fund-raisers must have the approval of the Board of Education. In addition, each school year a student body may select other charities and conduct fund-raising campaigns to support them.


No contests may be held or rewards or prizes offered or accepted in

connection with any charitable fund-raising campaign in the school district.   An approved program for the entire student body may be held in appreciation of the total effort. Other programs of appreciation for an entire class, grade, or designated group of students may be held if approved by the Superintendent.



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