Current 8th grade students living in the Belmont attendance area may apply for one of the Belmont Zone of Choice schools by downloading the application below. Please complete and return the application before March 21, 20011, to be included in the random selection process.

Last school year, 2010-2011, 84% of our students got their 1st choice. Less than 1% got choices 6th through 11th.
Please note space is limited and not all requests will be matched with top selections.


Download the High School application for the BZOC here:

To view the BELMONT ZONE OF CHOICE brochure click below:

English BZOC brochure: 2010 - 2011

Spanish BZOC brochure: 2010 - 2011

BZOC English Spanish 2011-2012

Zone of Choice Enrollment Center
333 S. Beaudry Ave., 11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017

For more information please contact:
Jasmin Medel, Enrollment Supervisior.
Phone: (213) 241-2571
Fax: (213) 241-3350

Questions about the Belmont Zone of Choice
Preguntas sobre las Zona de Opcion Belmont: Oprima Aquí

Q. Don't know if you live in the BZOC?

A. Click on SCHOOL FINDER and insert your address. If Belmont, Miguel Contreras, Roybal LC, etc... are displayed YOU LIVE IN THE BZOC!


Q. What happens if I live in the BZOC?

A. The application process for Belmont Zone of Choice students (2011-12 9th grade cohort) begins in March and ends on March 21, 2011.

If your child attends (major feeder middle schools):

• John Liechty Middle School
• Berendo Middle School
• Sal Castro Middle School
• Young Oak Kim Academy
• Virgil Middle School
• Thomas Starr King Middle School

Follow Process A.

All other middle schools including: Private, charter, non-LAUSD, LAUSD schools (non feeder middle schools) follow Process B.

Process A:
Your child will take part in the electronic application process (2 STEPS).
1. Students, beginning March 7th through March 18th, will be taken to the computer lab to rank all 17 schools (1 thru 17).
2. Students will print out the “Parent Confirmation Letter” and take home for parents to sign. Parents will sign and return “Confirmation Letter” to their middle school. Parents may also make changes to the ranking of schools on the “Confirmation Letter”.

Process B:

• If your Child attends a Non Feeder Middle School (LAUSD) your child will receive a hard copy of the application over the mail. Please mail back by March 21, 2011.

• If your child attends a private or charter middle school, download the application and return by March 21, 2011.

Q. Where do I turn in my application?

A. Confirmation letters: Please return to your middle school by March 21, 2011.
All other forms of application (whether you were mailed or downloaded an application) - Mail to:

                       Local District 4
Belmont Zone of Choice Enrollment Office
           333 S Beaudry Ave, Floor 11
                Los Angeles, CA 90017

 Do NOT DROP off at any of our BZOC campuses.

Q. I’m interested in Central High School #9 but I do not live in the BZOC attendance area?

A. It is a first come, first serve process.

Application Period: Feb 7, 2011 through March 4, 2011
Office Hours: Monday- Friday from 9 AM to 3:30PM

For Non- BZOC enrollment applications please visit their website:


Belmont Zone of Choice Contact Roster

Belmont HS Los Angeles Academy of Medical and Public Service, SLC Gary Yoshinobu (213) 241-4300
Belmont HS Los Angeles Teacher Preparation Academy, Pilot School Carlos Rodriguez (213) 241-4360
Belmont HS Multimedia Academy, SLC Gary Yoshinobu (213) 241-4300
Belmont HS Science, Arts and Green Engineering (SAGE), SLC Gary Yoshinobu (213) 241-4300
Edward Roybal LC Activist for Educational Empowerment, SLC Scott Braxton (213) 580-6400
Edward Roybal LC Business and Finance Academy, SLC Scott Braxton (213) 580-6400
Edward Roybal LC Civitas SOL, Pilot School Rosa Maria Figueroa Calderon (213) 580-6430
Edward Roybal LC Computer Science Academy, SLC Scott Braxton (213) 580-6400
Edward Roybal LC International School of Language Scott Braxton (213) 580-6400
Miguel Contreras LC Academic Leadership Community Rosie Martinez (213) 240-3815
Miguel Contreras LC Business and Tourism Heather Daims (213) 240-3800  
Miguel Contreras LC Los Angeles School of Global Studies Felipe Velez (213) 240-3850
Miguel Contreras LC School of Social Justice Heather Daims (213) 240-3800