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Delevan Drive serves children from Kindergarten to 6th grade.
We offer valuable resources and learning opportunities for
students, teachers, and parents.

Delevan Drive Elementary is an urban school located in the Northeast area of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The school community is small, close knit and marked with a high level of stability as evidenced by the low 9.2% student transiency rate. Generations of families have invested in the development of the school and possess a strong sense of ownership and belonging. Teachers, as well, remain at the school many years and pride themselves in creating a cohesive academic community.

The school serves 519 preschool through Grade 6 students. Significant ethnic groups include Latino (54%) and Filipino (31%) with smaller percentages of White, Asian, and African-American, respectively. Economically Disadvantaged Students comprise 54% of the population with 14% identified Gifted, 13% English Learners, 9% Reclassified English Learners, and 6% Students with Special Needs. Student attendance is high at 97.1% schoolwide. 74.8% of the children met the district goal of 96% in-seat attendance or higher.

Delevan staff thrives in an environment of collaboration and professionalism. Instructional leadership within the staff is evidenced through a committee organization with teachers developing training opportunities and providing implementation support. During staff development sessions, grade level groups generate lessons, engage in problem solving, analyze data, and delve into program implementation. To maximize the strengths of the teachers, there are teaming plans in place at some grades. Delevan is fortunate to have teachers with experience as Instructional Coaches or in other career fields whose expertise in technology, the arts, science, language arts, and mathematics enriches the instructional program. All teachers seek out new enrichment opportunities and make a practice of regularly attending seminars outside the school setting. The expertise of all staff is enhanced when these teachers, in turn, present new information during on-site professional development.

Delevan Drive Elementary is a school with a tradition of excellence. It has been honored as a 2009 National Blue Ribbon School, received the Title I Academic Achievement Award for 2002 through 2009, and was named a Los Angeles Unified School District Honor School by having an Academic Performance Index exceeding 800. Scores have consistently increased through the years. As a school, 70.7% of students have reached the Advanced or Proficient level in CST English Language Arts, an increase of 8.5% since 2007. Math scores have reached 80.7% Advanced/Proficient from 77.8% in 2007. The school’s Academic Performance Index reached 896 in 2011 from 863 in 2007 - and is still climbing!

Academic expectations are high at Delevan. There is a purposeful focus on providing a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that meets the needs of all children. Given the high achievement of the students, it is critical that students are challenged to even higher levels. The school has been designated a School for Advanced Studies which resulted in renewed emphasis to better meet the needs of Gifted students. Just as pressing is the implementation of a RtI2 (Response to Instruction and Intervention) process that addresses those students yet to meet grade level proficiencies.

Core instructional programs are taught with fidelity. A new English Language Arts program, Macmillan/McGraw Hill Treasures, is being implemented this year. Comprehension strategies and skill competency flows from strength in phonics, reading fluency, and vocabulary development. Opportunities for writing through journals, prompts, on demand and week long assignments are frequent. Assessment instruments are utilized regularly to monitor student progress and plan instruction. District Periodic Assessments along with DIBELS assessments in primary grades allow additional measures of program effectiveness. The mathematics program, Envision, is enhanced by use of the Mind Research Institute’s Spatial Temporal Math software. Students in grades 2 through 5 spend two 45 minute sessions a week in the school’s Math Lab using this self-paced, mastery learning program. The personalized application addresses individual achievement levels and, because it is not print dependent, English Learners easily advance their conceptual understandings. A balance of computation, conceptual understanding, and problem solving is stressed in classroom instruction.

The Arts Program provides students with standards-based lessons in music, theatre, visual arts, and dance. All students have experiences with at least three of the specialists each school year. In addition, on-going community collaborations have been formed. The Santa Cecilia Orchestra members conduct yearly class presentations. The Culture Shock hip-hop dance group provides an instructor to teach choreography to sixth graders through weekly lessons that include a final dance showcase. Invitations to the Getty Art Museum and LA Opera performances are regularly extended to grade levels through parent and staff contacts.

Delevan Drive possesses a nurturing and safe environment. Student accomplishments are recognized through Student of the Week and Student of the Month presentations. Perfect Attendance end-of-the-year trophies are presented to individual students; classes earn field trips to acknowledge their outstanding attendance. Trophies are also distributed to students in the CST perfect score “600 Club.” A Positive Discipline Plan emphasizes three important rules of behavior – Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. All students are explicitly taught the schoolwide behavior expectations and area guidelines. As a result, office interventions are rarely needed. A Delevan Dollar reward system is utilized to recognize positive acts during the recess and lunch play periods. Ninety-three percent of students responding to the LAUSD’s School Experience Survey agreed or strongly agreed that they felt safe on school grounds.

A wealth of traditions makes Delevan a high energy environment for learning. Upper grade physical education activities culminate in sixth grade intra-mural competitions, Football Frenzy in fall and March Madness (basketball) in spring. Student Council representatives and officers facilitate a number of activities including weekly Spirit Days (wear your school colors), Wacky Wednesdays (theme based dress up days), Fun Fridays (monthly dance fests at lunch), and the annual Talent Show for all the children, while developing their leadership abilities. The PTA organizes afterschool enrichment classes such as dance, engineering, science, and music.

Delevan Drive takes pride in students who are leaders, accountable for their learning, and critical thinkers.


Delevan Drive School
Mission Statement

The Delevan Drive learning community believes in:

  • The equal worth and dignity of all children and adults
  • Collaboration among stakeholders to improve learning
  • Challenging students to perform and produce at their highest levels
  • Empowering students with academic and social skills necessary to achieve their life goals
  • Instilling strong values
  • The active involvement and accountability of parents, students, faculty, and staff in the educational process

All Delevan Drive stakeholders are committed to:

  • The education of all students to their maximum ability
  • Excellence in the teaching and successes in learning
  • The celebration of the gifts/talents of all students

Delevan Drive School
Vision Statement

The Delevan Drive stakeholders have a vision of Delevan Drive School as a tolerant community of diverse learners functioning at high levels in a safe environment in which we inspire, guide, and nurture each other to become:

  • Life-long, independent, capable learners
  • Informed, effective communicators
  • Creative problem solvers and insightful decision makers
  • Hard-working, responsible, honest, productive citizens

More intelligent and self-actualized human beings with high self-esteem and strong self-concepts


Delevan Drive's Outstanding Academics

We are proud to show our standardized testing achievements, scoring 900 in 2012!

Well above the national average!


In 2009 the US Department of Education gave us the distinguished Blue Ribbon Award!


In 2012 the CA Department of Education named Delevan a California Distinguished School!