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Mrs. C. Strings

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Dear Parents:

This letter will inform you about the School Readiness Language Development Program (SRLDP). The goals of the program are to provide an oral language program that will enable the student to listen with understanding, to speak effectively, to use a wide range of vocabulary appropriately; and to provide a parent education program that will instruct parents in methods that nurture the prekindergarten child’s social, emotional, mental and physical growth.

Each program has two classes. Each class has an enrollment of 15 students. A waiting list is established after 30 students have been enrolled. Parents of children on the waiting list are contacted when openings occur.

Children who enroll in the program must be four years old by December 2nd of the current school year. A birth certificated or other document verifying date of birth must be presented.

Children must have all necessary immunizations BEFORE registering. These immunizations include; polio, kiphtheria-pettussis-tetanus(DPT, Rubeola-rubella (German measles), mumps, measles, hemophilus influenza B (HIB), Hepatitis B (Hep B) and varicella. The Mantoux Tuberculosis Sin Test (PPD) is not required for SRLDP students. All adults (parents and/or adult substitutes) participating in the program must have a tuberculin test verification. If adults do not have verification, a chest X-ray or Mantoux skin test must be taken. Negative result are acceptable for four years.

Students attend classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for 2 hours and 35 minutes, depending on the operational calendar. ATTENDANCE IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Excessive pupil absences/tardiness can result in the pupil being replaced with someone on the waiting list. There are no Friday classes. Fridays are reserved for staff development, parent meetings and conferences for teachers, para-educators and parents.

Registration does not ensure enrollment. The classroom teacher will meet with those parents who have completed registration forms. Parent participation (or the ability to provide a substitute adult for participation) will weigh heavily on the selection of a student.

PARENT PARTICIPATION OR PARTICIPATION BY AN ADULT SUBSTITUTE IS A REQUIREMENT OF THE PROGRAM. Parents will participate in 10 sessions of parent education instruction, attend parent workshops/meetings once a month, and volunteer in the classroom on a regular basis.

Nonparticipation by an available parent ( or substitute ) can result in replacement of the child with someone from the waiting list.

Sincerely yours,













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