Janet Tovar

Specialist BTSA/NBC
(213) 241-0150

BTSA Program

Support Providers: All schools were sent a list of teachers who are required by the state to receive support from a Support Provider (SP). Teachers who are eligible for this service are those participating in any of the following programs:

  • BTSA (for teachers w/ preliminary credentials which need to be cleared w/ the state) 

  • District Intern

  • Special Education District Intern

  • University Intern

LAUSD has a new process for identifying Support Providers. All teachers interested in applying to be a Support Provider (including all former SPs and NBC teachers) must apply using the forms in MEM4941.1. The application process will be handled by both the Site Selection Committee and the Teacher Training Unit. For this reason, all schools with teachers who require support must form a Site Selection Committee (per MEM4941.1, which has been forwarded to all participating schools) to begin the application process. There is a tight timeline for this process to unroll. The mandatory Site Selection Committee Training will take place at John Liechty MS on Monday, September 27, 2010, from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. All members of the committee, including administrators, will be compensated for their time at the training. Please contact Janette Tovar to verify your committee’s attendance.

NBC Program

Changes to National Board Certificated Teacher Compensation: All National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) have received a newly approved Commitment Form. The newest bullet on this form states that “the NBCT must consult with your principal to identify areas of need” (includes Program Improvement 3+ schools as well as IDesign and Focus Schools). In addition, the NBC Committee Form now has a second page on which the principal is asked to verify the NBCT’s assignment as a classroom teacher for either 100%, 60%, 50% of the school day, or as no longer being a register-carrying teacher at the school site. This Commitment Form must be submitted and certified each semester for the NBCT to receive either/both the 7.5% monthly payment and/or the 7.5% payment issued for 92 additional hours of support to the school/district. For questions/concerns, please contact Janette Tovar.