Instructional Technology


Antonio Hernandez
Instructional Technology Applications Facilitator
(213) 241-1913

Computer Purchases

If you are planning on purchasing computers for your school, you must use the LAUSD approved vendors only.

With the LAUSD vendors you get:

  • LAUSD software image
  • Antivirus Software
  • Tracking Software
  • LAUSD etching
  • 3 yr. repair/replace warranty on laptops
  • 5 yr. repair/replace warranty on desktops
  • Delivery/setup

For Dell, HP or Lenovo contact Arey Jones at (800)998-9199 or online at

For Apple, contact or Astrd Ramirez at or online at

Technology Leaders

If you haven’t done so yet, please identify the individual(s) who will be the technology leader(s) at your school site. Throughout the school year, Antonio Hernandez will send out information regarding updates, grants, deadlines and professional development opportunities. Please go to to identify your Technology Leader.

LAUSD Firewall

The District has changed the way Internet sites outside of LAUSD are filtered (or blocked), which could affect access to web sites. Go to for information on updating your web browser.

Internet Access

Due to an upgrade to the District’s Firewall, LAUSD employees can now access sites such as Gmail, YouTube, etc. When you access any site that was previously blocked, you will be asked for your Single Sign On (SSO) and will be granted timed access. Please use this new feature responsively and follow the AUP guidelines for using the network.


Schools must verify that each student using the network have a signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on file. Once signed, the AUP remains in effect until revoked by the parent or if the student violates the AUP guidelines For a copy of the AUP (English and Spanish), go to

For a list of current and/or ongoing grants, go to