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Educational Technology

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Important Contact Info:

ITD Service Desk (213)241-5200 (LA00)

Employee Self- Service
(provides two options that will allow you to attempt to resolve your issue yourself or open a request to have ITD assist you.)

LAUSD Single Sign-on Self Service Console
(for creating new e-mail accounts or changing e-mail passwords)

Site Computer Inventory with Survey

Asset Tracking (from Arey Jones)


Apple Computers
Contact: Jaime Perez, Sales,
Local Districts (213) 841-9296
Other Contact Information
LAUSD's Custom Apple Website
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Vendor Code: # 101415

IBM, HP and Dell Computers:
Arey Jones Educational Solutions
8693-A La Mesa Boulevard,
La Mesa, CA 91941
(800) 998-9199
Vendor Code # 128327

Other Equipment:

KIS - 626-723-7777

CDW - 866-342-9082 (Brian Gorr

Software (877) 862-3198


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