Language Arts Resources

Teacher Toolbox

Build Background p.1.

Build Background p.2.

Cognitive Planning Guide for Blending

Comprehension Planning Sheet

Comprehension Skills-

Comprehension Skills- Spanish

Comprehension Strategies with definitions (English)

Comprehension Strategies with definitions (Spanish)

Decodable Practice Sheet

First Read Procedures

First Read Sequence Checklist

Fluency Norms

Focus Questions OCR 2000

My Reading Fluency Reading Record

Reading Decodable Books

Routine Cards-Kinder

Routine Cards-1st

Routine Cards-2nd

Routine Cards-3rd

Routine Cards-4th

Routine Cards-5th

Sensory Details

Vocabulary Strategies- Octagon

Vocabulary Strategies Octagon-Spanish

Vocabulary Tips

Vocabulary Tips- Spanish

IWT Workshop

Sound/Spelling Card Practice

Short A - Long A Families
ad | ail | ain | ake | ale | am | ame | an | ank | ap | ar | ash | at | ay | ack

Short E - Long E Families
eal | ear | eat | eel | eep | eet | ell | en | ent | est | et

Short I - Long I Families
ice | ick | id | ide | ight | ile | ill | in | ind | ine | ip | it | y

Short O - Long O Families
oa | ock | og | oi | oke | ood | ook | ool | oom | op | ore | orn | ot | ow - long o | ow | own

Short U - Long U Families
uck | ug | ump | unk | ut

Parent Resources

100 Reading Tips for Parents

101 Parent Web Links

Calif. Dept of Education

Website Resources

SRA- McGraw-Hill

OCR 2000 Support

OCR 2002 Support

Soar & Online Report Cards

Calif. Dept of Education

Peggy Sharp

Literacy Coach Resources

Discussion Moves

Grades 4 & 5 Correlation

IWT Action Plan

Literacy Coach Application

Literacy Coach Job Description

Power Of the Cards Activities

Template- meeting Objective/ Agenda

Professional Development

OCR Professional Development Guide- Comprehension

OCR Professional Development Guide- Inquiry and Investigation

OCR Professional Development Guide- Phonics

OCR Professional Development Guide- Vocabulary

OCR Professional Development Guide- Writing


Passport Questions

Passport Activity Samples 2006-2007







Elementary Language Arts

Program Information and Resources

Viist the LD6 Professional Learning Community for resources and information on literacy.

All current, available resources (fluency norms, SOAR reporting dates, pacing plans, and student answer sheets) for the ELA unit have been posted on the Elementary Language Arts website under publications. August 2009

Due to state and district budget reductions, students in Grades 4-5/6 (using Open Court Reading 2000, Open Court Reading 2002, Foro abierto, or Lectura) will not be permitted to write in the student booklets purchased for the 2009 - 2010 school year. Students are required to use student answer sheets. Read more in Memorandum 4807. July 2009

Open Court Reading


OCR 2000

OCR 2000 Into English Correlations

OCR 200 Library Lists

OCR 2002

OCR 2002 Into English Correlations

OCR 2002 Library Lists

Foro Abierto