NAHS Partnership with CSUN

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Our partnership with CSUN continues to evolve over the years. Current activities include:

Coordinated grade level research projects- Through their English classes, students visit the CSUN Oviatt library each year, and in addition the instruction provided by our Teacher-Librarian, receive instruction from CSUN librarians in their group computer labs. All NAHS students have check out privileges at the CSUN library and can also use the CSUN library after school and on weekends.

Shared telecommunication resources- The entire CSUN video library is available to the NAHS teaching staff, and these videos can be scheduled to play through over 15 of our shared cable channels. We have a fiber optic connection between NAHS and CSUN, and we continue to fine tune an inter-campus digital video system which consists of cameras in NAHS classrooms, rolling media carts on the CSUN side, and a video-on-demand server which NAHS teachers can use to record classroom instruction to improve practice.

CSUN tours- As freshmen, students will participate in two tours of CSUN; one tour provides a general overview, the other focuses on academy career/education.

CSUN student anti-prejudice outreach group- CSUN students work as mentors in our 9th grade Life Skills classes.

CSUN classroom observations by NAHS students- NAHS students can get a feel for college by participating in coordinated CSUN class observations, where our students go to the CSUN campus and sit in on one or more classes of interest to them.

CSUN students / faculty- NAHS has regular classroom observations by CSUN students, CSUN students and faculty regularly volunteer in our classes and library, and each semester we host a number of CSUN Student Teachers.

CSUN faculty involvement- CSUN faculty participates in the development of our academies and our professional development.

Inter-campus teaching- CSUN faculty occasionally teach classes or serve as guest lecturers at NAHS, and multiple NAHS faculty have advanced degrees and regularly teach classes at CSUN.

CSUN Exhibits- NAHS students in Art classes visit every gallery exhibition at CSUN throughout the year to do on-site research and hands-on learning.

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