NAHS Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How can I attend NAHS?

A unique application process was developed and implemented to ensure equitable access to our school by students who would otherwise, in most cases, articulate from their middle schools to Granada Hills Charter, Monroe and Cleveland High Schools where overcrowding and/or a year-round calendar has created educational challenges. Applications to our school are due by March of each year, and because of overwhelming response from the communities we serve, a random drawing process is used to select students once a year, with 60% coming from Monroe HS, and the remaining 40% equally divided between Cleveland HS and Granada Hills Charter HS, which also includes a priority area.

2. Is NAHS a public school?

Yes, NAHS is part of LAUSD, local district 1. However, we are unique in that our school was developed through a special partnership with Cal State University, Northridge. For field-trip purposes, the entire CSUN campus is considered to be an extension of NAHS, and no trip slips are required for students to access CSUN facilities and resources during the school day.

3. How do I determine if I live in an attendance area served by NAHS?

Interested students can confirm they live in our attendance area by going to LAUSD School Finder . We accept students whose home high school is Cleveland, Granada Hills, or Monroe. If after inputting your address, your school is listed as Cleveland, Granada Hills, or Monroe, then you are eligible to apply as an incoming 9th grader to our school during March of your eight grade year.

4. Is NAHS a Magnet School?

No, NAHS is a regular high school. Since our school is not part of the LAUSD Magnet Program, students are not entitled to transportation and must live in the specified attendance areas (see above) in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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