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Year Built- Northridge Academy High School opened on September 9, 2004 with 600 ninth and tenth grade students. Northridge Academy High School is a partnership of the Los Angeles Unified School District (Local District 1) and California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

Size of School- Our school currently serves approximately 1070 students in grades 9 through 12. This is roughly one-fourth of the average at most LAUSD high schools, allowing for a more personal environment.

Small Learning Communities / Academies- In addition to a 9th Grade Bridge / Exploratory Academy, Northridge Academy has developed three academies, or small learning communities, that coincide with three major colleges at CSUN. They are:

Health & Human Development

Arts, Media & Communication

Careers in Education

Motto- Our school motto is "Inspire and Achieve", echoing our school mission to inspire, support, and expect our students to achieve their fullest potential as learners and productive citizens.

Mission Statement- We are a small high school community in a unique partnership with California State University, Northridge. Our mission is to inspire, support, and expect our students to achieve their fullest potential as learners and productive citizens.

Vision Statement- We envision a school where all students value learning and demonstrate integrity, an innovative community recognized for its exceptional academic achievement.

Advisories- We have implemented Advisories in order to foster a mentor/support/advocate relationship between adults on our campus and our students to support both academic and personal growth.

Block Scheduling- Block scheduling allows our students to engage in quality exploration of opportunities and experiences at CSUN, which emphasize higher levels of learning, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary projects.

Collaborative Model- Students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are placed in the least restrictive environment. In most cases, special education students are integrated with regular education students in clusters, and resource teachers/general education teachers co-plan/team-teach these students. Para-professionals support our implementation of the collaborative model. We have experienced good success with this model and the achievement of all of our students.

Technology- NAHS has an abundance of technology, including four computer labs, five wireless laptop carts, ceiling mounted LCD projectors, video broadcasting system and a two-way video connection with CSUN.

CSUN Partnership- The joint relationship between Northridge Academy and CSUN provides a unique opportunity for the high school and university to develop richer curriculum and expanded learning opportunities for the students on both campuses. Faculty from Northridge Academy regularly meet with their counterpart faculty at Cal State University Northridge to develop and plan curriculum. In addition, students at Northridge Academy have access to a wide variety of Cal State University Northridge resources, including check-out privileges at the CSUN Oviatt Library.

ESLRs- NAHS is accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC). All WASC accredited schools are expected to define and adopt Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) that form the basis of the educational program for every student. Click below to learn read our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (pdf file).

Learning Conversation Principles- As a school we have adopted “Learning Conversation Principles” (LCPs). Our LCPs guide our interactions both in the classroom and in meetings, and are integral to our school culture. Our LCPs are as follow: (1) Listen with the intent to understand, rather than to respond; (2) Open your mind to new learning and practice; (3) Invite differences and move away from ‘either/or’. Embrace ‘and’; (4) Wonder in front of each other; and (5) Assume and exhibit good will.

Governance / Committees- It takes a group effort to provide a safe, nurturing, and academically rigorous learning environment. Multiple committees provide oversight over virtually all aspects of our school, including School Site Council (SSC), School Leadership Council (SLC), English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC), Compensatory Education Advisory Committee (CEAC) and Instructional Cabinet.

Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)- The purpose of the SPSA is to create a cycle of continuous improvement of student performance, and to ensure that all students succeed in reaching academic standards set by the State Board of Education. The Single Plan is reviewed annually by the School Site Council (SSC). Read the NAHS Single Plan (pdf file).

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Report)- During the Spring 2009 semester NAHS was visited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The NAHS 2008-2009 WASC Self Study Report (pdf file) is available for all to read.

Student Applications - Applications are generally available during the spring semester here on our web site

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