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NAHS Staff Contacts - Need to contact a teacher or staff member? Try email.

Friends of NAHS - Friends of NAHS works to provide supplemental money for the school through fundraising.

Make a difference. Here are some things we wish all parents did:

Keep track of key dates on the Calendar, especially report card issue dates. Ask your student to see their report card the day it is distributed in Advisory (5 & 15 week), and be on the lookout for report cards that are mailed home (10 & 20 week). Discuss grades with your student and contact teachers immediately as needed.

Learn about different ways you can support our school.

Deliveries- Please note that deliveries of food, flowers and other items to students are not allowed. Such deliveries detract from the ability of our Office Staff to do their primary jobs. Our policy is that any deliveries will be turned away.

eNews Flash- NAHS sends out regular updates by email. To read the content on an archived blog, click here (note: this is a link to outside the LAUSD network).

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